Early childhood capacity building - Obstacle Method

Obstacle Method


I have developed my OBSTACLE method to help educators and teachers further support children with developmental delay, special needs, and/or trauma. My services are currently being funded through DET School Readiness Funding or Professional Development funding.


early childhood capacity building mentoring 


I use the obstacle acronym because my passion for early childhood started out with empowering children to build their confidence and motor skills through fun obstacle courses. 


The obstacle acronym stands for:

  • Observation
    • On-site observation session - identifying children's developmental and learning needs
  • Brainstorm
    • On-site brainstorming session with educators and teachers to plan strategies, routines, etc.
  • Support resources
    • Providing your team with visual resources for routines, communication aids, play skills etc.
  • Team building
    • On-site or online team training (2 hours) to discuss observations and recommendations
  • Action plan development
    • Working with your team we develop a sustainable action plan and SMART goals.
  • Coaching for educators and teachers
    • Online, email, and phone coaching for your team for 6 months to support implementation.
  • Listen
    • On-site/online workshop to listen to outcomes and needs/concerns that still need support.
  • Evaluation
    • On-site evaluation to gather data for children's outcomes and team feedback.


To support you and your team to further develop strategies and action plans for the children who you care for, contact me for your own Obstacle Method, and you'll be excited by the new perspective that you gain for children's development and classroom behaviour.