Dyspraxia support program - online allied health support for families

Dyspraxia support program - online allied health support for families


While you're waiting on long allied health wait lists, I would like to offer you the opportunity to join this private, non-judgemental autism support group, where I will share weekly tips and strategies to help your child with their daily routines, motor skill development, self-regulation, reflexes, inhibition, and sensory integration.


In addition to weekly tips delivered to your email inbox, this support program also includes a monthly Q&A Zoom session with me to answer your questions from the weekly tips and strategies.


Thirdly, I provide you with a custom kindergarten, school, or home based program (depending on your needs) suited to your child for $149 per month.


The program will begin on October 24th. I will send you more details closer to the date as I see how many families register their interest.


Self-managed and plan managed families can claim this allied health program under capacity building. I can provide you with a custom quote and invoice if you need for your NDIS plan.


Please register your interest below and I will be in touch via email later this week with more details.


Dyspraxia support program

Allied health support for families

    Why join Play Move Improve?


    My name is Robyn and I created Play Move Improve when my boy twin was born with dyspraxia - a movement disorder that made it challenging for him to develop his milestones.


    Before having my twins I worked in adult disability services and nursing homes where I ran exercise groups and developed custom rehabilitation plans for adults who have autism, cerebral palsy, stroke, intellectual disability, etc.


    My reason for going from adult disability services to early childhood is because I wanted to help other families like me to support their child in those early diagnosis days where things feel very overwhelming.


    I am passionate about helping families create clear action plans, in the form of movement and play activities, so we can help children achieve their goals while playing.


    This often means that children have less resistance to boring learning programs, and achieve greater results with their development, self-regulation and learning.


    To get to know me more, come and check out my Facebook page. I'm always here to answer any questions that you may have.