Empowering educators to support children with developmental delay in kindergartens, and primary schools, worldwide.

Early learning child motor development online training courses

Early learning child motor development online training courses

If you're a primary school teacher, early learning educator, or education support worker then these child development learning courses have been designed specifically for you.


helping children with school readiness




My online training courses help to:

  • Improve children's focus and engagement through adding simple play and movement strategies in to your daily routines

  • Support children with learning difficulties by working on their gross motor and fine motor development

  • Help children with challenging behaviours by giving their body and mind an outlet for their frustration


    Save hours on your lesson planning with my printable resources, morning circle routines, and transition ideas.


    Other benefits of my training courses include:

    * Self-paced and unlimited access - so there is no rush to complete the content

    * Reduce lesson planning time and stress with our printable resources

    * Improve student engagement in your class as you start to understand why children may be struggling with their ability to focus and learn new information

    * Understand what to do for children who have developmental and learning difficulties


    Become a more empowered, upskilled, and confident teacher.




    Or check out some of my free training videos on YouTube to get to know me more - click here


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