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Robyn Papworth is an Australian child development guru who runs training workshops and speaking presentations for parents, educators, and teachers.


Robyn's story


Robyn was one of the students that most teachers struggled to engage with and motivate. As a child, Robyn had a chaotic home life. School was where Robyn demonstrated most of her anxiety as show often sat isolated and 'shut down' in the classroom. While Robyn excelled academically, she struggled socially and emotionally because she had unrealistic expectations of herself and poor coping strategies.


Robyn was the first person to step up and help other children who had a disability, were anxious, or were from a troubled background. Robyn's empathy was beyond her years and she has continued to use this strength in the work that she provides in the community.


Studying a Post-Graduate Certificate in Exercise Physiology followed by a Masters in Disability Studies (autism and communication), Robyn's credentials are impressive but what makes Robyn special to work with is her humility, empathy, and quick wit.


Robyn's workshops about child development, learning, and behaviour are eye opening, thought provoking, and inspiring. 


You walk in to the training room expecting another boring PD workshop about the brain and how children develop. Then after listening to Robyn share her expertise, you leave the training room feeling inspired about having the power to change a child's life by your involvement in their day.


Robyn's Family


Robyn thought that she knew everything she needed to know about Exercise Physiology until her twins Isla and Hugh were born.


From day one, Isla and Hugh were completely different in regards to their development. Robyn had studied for 4 years at this stage and when she noticed that Hugh's development was hindered by his lateral position in her womb Robyn started reading as many research articles as she could to work out how she could help improve Hugh's development.


It is watching Hugh and Isla move, learn, and develop that has taught Robyn more about children's motor development than any text book or research article that she has ever read.


Seeing how nervous Hugh was at a playground because his balance was poor, Robyn was determined to ensure that children achieved the movement therapy that they needed as young as possible.

Robyn's Purpose


Robyn's current goal is to raise awareness about the fact that 25% of Australian children are starting school not physically ready. If it wasn't for Robyn's hard work at home as a mum/therapist, Hugh would have been one of these statistics.


Robyn knows what it feels like to struggle at school, Robyn saw how much Hugh struggled at busy play centres and parties, so Robyn is determined to bridge the gap in the best way she knows how.... inspiring parents, educators, and teachers with the skills needed to motivate, engage, and get children moving.


Robyn's early learning programs are a fantastic tool kit to help children develop the necessary motor skills needed for play, learning, and life.


Robyn's workshops will change the way that you think about children's learning and behaviour. Robyn is also insightful when it comes to reflecting on our own challenges with coordination, fatigue, anxiety, and balance.


Connect with Robyn


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2017 Australian Women's Weekly Women of the Future Finalist

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