Empowering educators to support children with developmental delay in kindergartens and primary schools worldwide.

Child development specialist Robyn Papworth

Child development specialist Robyn Papworth

child development specialist melbourne


Robyn Papworth
MDisStud, GradCertExSc, BExSc, CertIVTae

  • Director of Play Move Improve
  • Masters Qualified Developmental Educator,
  • Accredited Exercise Physiologist, 
  • Certified Trainer for Educators and Teachers
  • Author
  • Mum of 3 young children


Summary of what Robyn does

Through my role in the early learning sector I help children to develop skills such as crawling, using a spoon, holding a pencil, climbing an a-frame, etc. I empower early learning educators to identify red flags for development and to support children with developmental delay through fun and engaging exercises and activities. 



'She just gets it' ~ Megan (mum of child with autism)

'Love everything about your teacher workshop. Too short!!' ~ Carla (teacher)


Robyn's Background

Robyn is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Masters qualified Developmental Educator, Certified Trainer and mother of 3 beautiful children.

Robyn started her career providing motor control rehabilitation exercise programs over 10 years ago in the aged care sector. Robyn helped people with Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, dementia, Polio, cerebral palsy, etc. Robyn designed and implemented specialised motor skills programs to improve elderly' motor skills such as walking, eating with cutlery, drinking from a cup, getting in and out of bed, etc. It was in aged care where Robyn discovered common motor skills that we take for granted. Robyn enjoyed the challenges and triumphs of working on every day life skills to bring as much independence and comfort as possible.

Robyn's journey in the early learning and primary school sector began 6 years ago when she was pregnant with her twins Isla and Hugh (pictured above). Robyn's son Hugh was positioned laterally (sidewards) in her womb which meant that he lacked the space to roll and move upside down in the womb. Robyn's daughter Isla (pictured above) was positioned both 'head down' and 'breach' at
different times during the pregnancy. Isla's motor skills have always seemed to develop faster and smoother than compared to her twin Hugh.

Robyn encourages all parents to not make comparisons between their children. As a twin mum, this advice is easier said than done but Robyn strongly believes that each child develops their motor skills at different ages. Sometimes parents and maternal health teams are placing too much emphasis on the month or year that a child achieves their milestones, rather than observing technique and the pattern of development. While it is important to achieve some milestones within a broad time frame, each child needs to be given the time to develop at their own rate, and be given the opportunity and the space to develop their motor skills and balance without fancy 'walkers', 'baby equipment', etc.


Robyn's Why

One quarter of Australian children are starting kindergarten and school before they are developmentally ready.


I am determined to bridge this learning gap by encouraging toddlers, preschoolers, and children to move more and play more.


I am also passionate about supporting students with developmental delay in the classroom through teacher education and printable resources so all students can access the curriculum.


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