This is a box - fine motor nuts and bolts box - Screw the Box
This is a box - fine motor nuts and bolts box - Screw the Box

This is a box - fine motor nuts and bolts box - Screw the Box

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This is a Box - Screw the Box


Fine motor skills nuts and bolts kit for primary school aged children.


Welcome to my latest social impact project called This is a Box, where I am providing resources to kindergartens, schools, and families for children with learning difficulties, sensory challenges, giftedness, autism, trauma.

This nuts and bolts Screw the Box kit includes:

  • Tool storage container
  • 3D printed nuts and bolts for preschool aged children
  • Turnbuckle
  • Shackles
  • Eye bolts
  • Nuts
  • Washers
  • Bolts
  • Wing nuts
  • Brackets


As a child from trauma, I always felt like I 'didn't fit inside the box' at school. I struggled to concentrate in class, found it hard to make friends and connect with my teachers; and I wish that I knew more about childhood trauma when I was growing up so I could see that there were other children just like me at school.


For me, my kindergarten and school was my safe place, but I always felt like a stranger.

With the covid19 pandemic putting a hold on my business @playmoveimprove I'm setting up This is a Box to sell specialty learning resources for children with learning difficulties, giftedness, Autism, and/or trauma.


I have chosen this box collection name 'Screw the Box' to share the message that we don't all need to fit inside the boxes of the classroom, or society at large.


Once 10 kits are sold, I'll be donating one kit to a nominated classroom or family in need.


When you order your kit, please email me with a school, classroom teacher, or family that you would like to nominate. I will notify you when we donate a kit, and your first name will be displayed on the winner's box to show the support they have received. Please let me know if you do not wish your first name to be displayed.

Please note: Some of the content in each kit may vary due to delays with postage during lockdown in Melbourne. Please let me know if you are concerned about the content not being exactly as pictured and I can give you more information about my stock levels.