Fidget toy calming box - This is a Box
Fidget toy calming box - This is a Box
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Fidget toy calming box - This is a Box

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Fidget toy calming box


I created this calming box to help children who have trouble sitting still and focusing in class. 


The fidget toys are sorted into this storage compartment box to easily provide children with anxiety, sensory processing difficulties, learning delays, and/or autism with a selection of quiet fidget toys that can easily fit into their school bag or inside their classroom tub.


The image that you see for this listing depicts the sensory materials which are included in this calming kit (minus the indoor plant of course).


Colours may vary due to stock levels. If there is a particular colour that you really don't want in your kit, please contact me when you place your order. I will try my best to provide you with what you need.