125 play activities to improve children's motor development
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125 play activities to improve children's motor development

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125 play activities to improve children's motor development


This book is an A5 size book for parents and teachers who are looking for simple ways to improve their children's learning and development.


With 156 pages of great child development content, and 125 play activities, your children will be active learners, while you are spared the time to catch a breath and survive your busy day.


I created this book with parents and educators in mind, because I know what it feels like to try and work from home with busy children, and I have had to engage a classroom of rowdy children many times before.


Each of the 125 play activities includes a picture and a description, about how to set up the activity, as well as the list of benefits for children's motor development.

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Also included in this book is a motor development checklist and theoretical information about gross motor and fine motor skills that children need for their learning and life skills.


On the side of each activity page you will see a colourful motor development index. On this index you can quickly discover whether the activity is appropriate for infants, toddlers, or children. This index also highlights whether the activity is most suitable for gross motor, fine motor, sensory play, or partner/small group play.


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This play activities book will fit easily in your handbag for those days where you're stuck for activity ideas.