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How technology impacts childhood motor development webinar
How technology impacts childhood motor development webinar
How technology impacts childhood motor development webinar

How technology impacts childhood motor development webinar

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How technology impacts childhood motor development webinar

Nearly every child has access each day to a smart phone, tablet, or TV. I use technology every day to run my business, connect with my family and friends, and find my way to different training locations.

We all know that technology needs to be used in moderation and that our use of technology needs to be coupled with a healthy and active lifestyle.

However, we have all become extremely reliant on a smart device that can negatively impact our posture, focus, balance, vision, coordination, and health.

I am the first to admit that all of my three children use technology. They love playing games, taking photos, and watching movies. The key to using technology is combining it with the exercises that have been outlined throughout my early learning manual so that their motor development isn't hindered by a smart device.

Throughout this webinar I have outlined the good, the bad, and the ugly components of technology to raise awareness about what technology is doing to some of our children's development and learning outcomes because excessive use of technology can impact a child’s ability to balance, read, write, focus, and sit still.


What our learners think.

'I attended this really good webinar with Robyn last week about how screen time affects children's development. Highly recommended session for all parents and educators.'


How does technology impact development?

When we look at a screen for too long our vestibular system (inner ear) doesn't get the head movement that it needs. As a result children may have difficulty balancing, reading, writing, and playing ball games.

Also our fine motor skills don't receive the stimulation and practice that they need to use a spoon, tie shoe laces, hold a pencil, and open chip packets. Spatial awareness is also limited as our body remains still while playing video games or watching TV.

children technology use poor motor development

Who is the webinar presenter?

Our presenter Robyn is a Developmental Educator and Exercise Physiologist who is passionate about reducing technology hours and replacing it with fun play and movement. 


View this 45 minute webinar at any time on any day, about how technology is impacting a child’s development.

Don’t worry, technology isn’t all bad.

To learn more about the vestibular system and how children learn balance, spatial awareness, and hand-eye coordination, read my latest book by clicking the image below.