Inspiring Family to Play More

Inspiring Family to Play More

Why "Simon Says" Should Be Your New Family Game Night Staple

Today, let's chat about a game that's been around forever but still holds a magic that's often missed in our high-tech world: "Simon Says."

Believe it or not, this game is so important when it comes to helping children with their self-regulation, focus, and coordination. And let's be honest, it's a blast for all ages!

Here's why every family should be shouting "Simon says" way more often than "just five more minutes" on the iPad.

Self-Regulation Made Fun

Playing "Simon Says" isn't just about following silly commands; it’s about learning to control those knee-jerk reactions and impulses. To win, kids (and let's face it, adults too) need to listen closely and only move when "Simon says" to. This waiting game is a sneaky way of teaching kids to manage their impulses and actions, something they'll use every single day of their lives, especially when they're at school.

Sharpening Focus in Our Busy World

Our days are filled with distractions, making it super tough for kids to stay on task. "Simon Says" hones in on those listening and concentration skills, requiring everyone to filter out what’s not needed and act only on what is. These skills are gold in the classroom, helping kids absorb more and follow through on tasks with way less "wait, what was I doing again?"


Coordination? Check!

The beauty of "Simon Says" is that it gets everyone moving. Whether it’s tapping your head or jumping on one foot, the game gets those little bodies moving and mastering important motor skills that are needed for handwriting, reading, and sports.


The Antidote to Screen Time

We all know that screens are a big part of our lives, and they do have their perks. But too much screen time can lead to less active, less socially engaged children. "Simon Says" pulls everyone away from screens and into real-life fun, promoting social skills, laughter, and face-to-face connection with each other.


Making "Simon Says" a Family Ritual

Incorporating "Simon Says" into your weekly family routine is easy, inclusive, and requires zero setup. Here are some pro tips to keep it fresh and engaging:

  • Mix up the commands: Keep those little brains buzzing by throwing in both simple and tricky commands.
    • Commands may include:
      • Simon says, "Touch your toes."
      • Simon says, "Hop on one foot."
      • Simon says, "Spin around in a circle."
      • Simon says, "Clap your hands three times."
      • Simon says, "Pretend you're a dinosaur and roar." (A great one for children with anxiety)
      • Simon says, "Raise your left hand."
      • Simon says, "Wiggle your ears." (Tricky if you can't actually do it!)
      • Simon says, "Make a funny face." (Great for boosting language skills and stimulating the vagus nerve)
      • Simon says, "Strike a yoga pose."
      • Simon says, "Crawl like a cat."
  • Rotate the leader role: Let everyone take a turn at being Simon. It’s a great way for kids to learn leadership and gives everyone a chance to think creatively.


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Calling All Educators

Please share this blog post in your community. Spreading the word about simple yet powerful games like "Simon Says" can make a real difference. It’s about nurturing a generation that’s not only tech-savvy but also emotionally and physically well-rounded. Let's get the word out there and make play a priority in our classrooms and homes.

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