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Top 5 ways to play with your baby to promote their development

Top 5 ways to play with your baby to promote their development


Share the moment in tummy time

tummy time infant baby motor development

When you place your baby in to tummy time position lay down in tummy time too, facing your little one so that you can sing, roll a ball or read a book together in this position


Encourage joint attention through eye contact and talking

child development how to play joint attention

Joint attention is important for development as this skill of paying attention to an activity or object with a play partner is a building block to socialising with other children as your baby gets older


We practice joint attention by giving each other eye contact and attention while singing a song, Rolling a ball, playing peek a boo, shaking a rattle, etc.


Avoid the temptation to fill the play mat with too many toys

 child infant baby development play activity ideas

As parents we mean well by buying our children toys and gadgets. However babies and children can develop their motor skills and play skills with minimal toys and objects. My favourite objects for an infant are a soft palm sized ball, a soft rattle, a small comfort blanket and a wire ball.


Distance toys away from your baby to encouraging reaching, rolling and crawling

 play mat activities newborn infancy development

Balance joint attention with independent play by moving in and out of baby's sight (while still supervising of course)

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  • There are so many ways we can encourage and facilitate baby to expand on motor skills and reach new milestones. Babies respond to nurturing, warmth, touch, gentleness, speech, stimulation and more. I love the idea to place toys away from the baby so that they can attempt rolling and crawling.


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