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The day my son taught me what life is all about

The day my son taught me what life is all about

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I underestimated my own baby's learning and development and when my son was 3 days old my eyes opened up to the magic of newborn motor skills.


I remember this particular memory like it was yesterday. I felt devastated that my son wasn’t breastfeeding like his twin sister. Our family are all trying to feed Hugh with syringes, medicine cups and newborn bottles. An agency midwife entered my room to offer her lactation help and I started sobbing because I had started to believe that Hugh would never breastfeed.


What happened next changed my perspective and entire career path.


My midwife asked me if I would like to try a skin to skin technique that would show me just how much Hugh was determined to feed from his mum. As a new mum I had no idea what she was talking about but I was willing to try anything. So my hubby Rob helped me to get Hugh undressed and the midwife asked Rob to place Hugh in to tummy time position on my sternum (the centre of my chest). The midwife then told me to lay back, take 10 deep breaths and to focus on nothing else but Hugh.


What I saw astonished me.


My smaller twin who was deemed 'failing to thrive' wriggled and wriggled his own body from the centre of my chest over to my right breast where he started to attempt to suck milk completely by himself. I still get emotional thinking about it over 6 years later because my little man proved that the abilities that we’re born with far outweigh any content written in a baby book.


Hugh didn't breastfeed for long but my goodness Hugh’s newborn strength and determination taught me more about newborns and humans in general than any textbook that I've ever read.


Your baby has been busy developing motor skills from inside your womb and continues to develop their motor skills from the day that they are born.


What has amazed you about baby's development and learning?


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